ala Castle lies on a fluvial terrace with a beautiful view, enclosed by the Fala cliff to the West and age-old precipices on both sides of the river to the North-West. These precipices form a unique rock gate to to the middle Drava Valley, and represent a geological and climate dividing line. Because the narrow canyon is difficult to pass, the rock gate was in the past also a cultural separation line. Here ran also the provincial border between Carinthia and the frontier land on the other side of the forests. The main route to Carinthia was efficiently controlled from the Fala Castle. Initiatives issued by the Castle importantly influenced the everyday life of the surrounding countryside and left numerous traces. The castle is today furnished in the 17th century style, thanks to the new owner who saved it from ruin and brought to the castle several items reminding visitors of the heyday of the Fala Lords (the castle at that time served as a Department of Philosophy, Theology and Law of the Vienna University).
The origin of the former Fala Castle could date back to 15th century after year 1407, when Oton Der Pergauer ruined the old castle, but there are no archival data on this. The first written record of the old castle however dates back to 1311. The structure and the land was at that time owned by a Benedictine monastery St. Paul’s Abbey from Carinthia. Upon valuation of assets in 1542 the castle was evaluated at 200 pounds and was thus for the first time directly certified. The building and the Drava blockade, the so called Turkish Wall, which could be closed in times of danger, were fortified by St Paul’s Abbey prior Jakob Pachler in 1550 because of continuous Ottoman attacks. To be able to pay off the money used for fortification, Pachler rented the castle to Luka Szekely of Viltuš for 6 000 florins. The Abbot Vincenc Lechner gave the castle to his brother Niklas, and only Abbot Hieronim (1616-1638) managed to get it back from the Lechner family after a long process.
Hieronim appointed a prefect and turned the castle into a monastery. The castle housed monks, people employed at the castle and its lands, as well as professors and clergy studying at the monastery. In 1638 the following personnel was recorded at the Fala Castle: beside the manager and the clerk, there were also a bailiff, a huntsman, a fisherman, a miller, a stableman, a cook and 3 to 5 soldiers for the needs of the land. The castle is described as follows in the land register of 1638: “It has three beautiful rooms, three large chambers, a hall, two cellars, an arched kitchen and pantries, chambers for the service and a fairly large chapel of St. Nicholas”.




We are not building castles in the air.



The Castle is proud to host a number of events, such as weddings, theatre shows, international beauty pageants, educational-creative workshops, old-timer conventions, literary events, photography workshops, meetings and social events for other Slovene castle lords.

Life at the Castle

The fairy-tale of the Fala Castle

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Become a part of the Castle fairy-tale, immerse yourself in the life at the Castle. Experience a sense of life in the Middle Ages and the Baroque, of bourgeoisie and nobility. Taste the food of times long past, test yourselves in Medieval games. Find the magic of the Drava region. Or choose the Fala Castle as the perfect place to promise eternal love to each other amidst lush forests, precipitous cliffs and blooming meadows.

An experience of travelling back in time. You can get a taste of life in the Middle Ages and the Baroque, of bourgeoisie or nobility. You can see and try how people used to live, how they spend their days, try their typical food and play their games.


Spend a day a bit differently and see the hidden treasures of our surroundings. Hidden from the public and far from the modern world is a place, of which it is told that it has kept the spirit of the time in which it was built. This place is the Fala Castle. A patron of raftsmen, the Castle has through the history changed the fate of numerous people who influenced the shape of our environments, and today the Fala Castle is one of the most beautiful ones miles around. The grandiosity of Baroque rooms will overwhelm you and take you back in time, back through history.


An experience of travelling back in time. You can get a taste of life in the Middle Ages and the Baroque, of bourgeoisie and nobility. You can see and try how people used to live, how they spend their days, try their typical food and play their games.


Much has already been written and read, much captured on film – but you have only heard of it, watched it or read about it. We let you experience it. Relive the Middle Ages. Take the time to visit the Fala Castle with over 700 years of history. In a beautiful environment, surrounded by peace and quiet, which is broken only by bird songs, you can have a true fairy-tale experience.


Your wedding can be a dream-like event in the idyllic surrounds of the Fala Castle, only a few minutes away from Maribor. Amidst lush forests, precipitous cliffs and blooming meadows, the Fala Castle provides the perfect atmosphere for your special day. Your wedding can have a Medieval atmosphere with old manners and customs and a carriage ride. We can arrange a civil and/or religious ceremony. We can also help you with all the organisation so that your special day will really be only yours and free of any burdens. For all the events at the Fala Castle, accomodation can also be arranged at the Leonardo da Vinci hotel in Ptuj.


We care about Slovene culture and our legacy, and we want the youth to know about the people who contributed to it and to the development of modern technology. For this reason we also organise memorable events for primary school, high-school and university students. We encourage team work as well as competitiveness as the students travel through the thought-provoking life of the genius under the name Leonardo da Vinci.



The Castle today comprises of 18 large stylistically furnished room, 13 chambers which used to be intended for the service, a castle chapel, the castle courtyard and an event space with 400 seats in the castle courtyard along with a tavern and a great hall.

Milan Slavič renovated all the cellars, 38 rooms are fully furnished, and the luxurious home is open for tours every weekend, when it becomes the residence of Count Maksimilijan Slavič with his team of closest co-workers.


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